Our infrastructure

Sending a great looking email that benefits every subscriber you send it to is tough enough. We worry about everything behind the scenes so your emails are easy to create, easy to send, easy to track, and most of all, do what you except them to do...work!

Reputation is everything

Whether you using our shared servers or Preferred Sender Program with dedicated IPs, your reputation matters to us. We employ the latest email authentication technologies such as SFP, DKIM, and even the new DMARC technology! Our full time Deliverability Specialist works around the clock making sure our solution is configured optimally for your needs and even more importantly, your reputation.

Data protect is essential

Data is king and protecting it is essential. This starts with redundancy. We have redundant everything! Our server, storage arrays, switches, routers, and firewalls are all redundant. Having a reliable solution that doesn't corrupt your data is the first step. Taking it further, everything is backed up at least once a day if not several times a day. These backups ensure that your data is safe. Off-site backups are also done so in the event of a catastrophic error, we've got your data safe.


Support staff you can reach

There is nothing more frustrating then calling a support number only to be lead through a maze of phone menus. We realize that and won't put you through that...ever! Even better, when you call, you're connected to someone that knows just about everything there is to know about the system and can help you with just about any problem. Whether it be HTML, strategy, or how to use our system, our staff is ready and waiting but will never make you wait.

World-class data center

Our data center is second to none. We won't bore you with the techie stuff but can tell you our data center is as redundant as our servers. Redundant fiber both locally and nationally connected, redundant cooling, redundant power, redundant redundancy. I think you get the point. Security is just as good. There are four layers of security someone must get through just to touch a server, let alone log in to it. It's never enough to make sure your data is protected from almost anything.